How You Can Help

If you can, we hope you can march with us at one of the global EndoMarch events that happen every year in March (*).  This year’s global EndoMarch takes place around the world in dozens of cities on Saturday, March 30, 2019. The annual EndoMarch events not only provide a platform to have your voice heard, but also allow you a chance to connect with other endometriosis activists from all over the country and world. And, for family members, attending an event is a meaningful way to show support for your loved ones who suffer from one of the most painful and potentially devastating chronic diseases on record. The USA-based events are free, family-friendly, and all are welcome to attend. .

Click here for Event Registration & Information.

Email us at info@endomarch, to find out if there’s an active team near you.

Send a petition message to your U.S. Congressional Representatives or U.S. Senators via Facebook’s new Town Hall feature for nonprofits. Click here to take action.

Your story can make a difference. By sharing your testimony, you can help others know they are not alone, that it’s not just ‘in their heads’, and that they deserve to have their health concerns taken seriously. Your story will also help the general public, elected officials, and members of the medical community understand just how devastating endometriosis can be to people’s lives. Ongoing submissions accepted throughout the year; just send us your pictures, videos, or written stories to us at, and we’ll do our best to get your testimony featured on our website as part of the ‘Our Endo Lives” series. Stay tuned as well for opportunities to contribute to our podcast, which will be launching soon.

Mail or email a message to an elected official of your choice, using our template letter. Click here for the details.

Organize a Virtual EndoMarch Party from your own home:
If you can’t make it to one of the events, then how about organizing a Virtual EndoMarch party right in your own home! Invite your friends & family to bring their yellow gear and join you in your own home for a potluck gathering. Post your selfies online and show the world that we are one #EndoUnited world and the generation that is finally taking a stand against centuries of silence, suffering, and shame. Click here to download signs & flyers that have been designed especially for the Virtual EndoMarch attendees. One Day. One Cause. One Endo United World.


Stay connected with local and global endometriosis awareness events by liking our Facebook page, or by following us on Twitter at @WWEndoMarch, on Pinterest at endomarchpin, or on Instagram at @wwendomarch. You can use the hashtags #EndoMarch or #EndoMarch2018 to find information more quickly.

Your contributions are truly appreciated and will help support our Endometriosis Education in Schools programs, Advocacy Day delegations to Washington, DC, outreach efforts to physicians, the annual EndoMarch events, and other awareness and educational programs. If you are sponsoring a team or individual for the annual EndoMarch, you can include their name, contact information, and team name in the comments section on the donation form. This way, we’ll be able to acknowledge individual and/or team fundraising achievements with the community!

Make a contribution here.

You could also support us through the purchase of endometriosis awareness products, available on our Etsy EndoShop, or by shopping on Amazon, through their Amazon Smile program.

Thank you again for your kind support.