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Mission Statement

The United States
does not invest enough in the health of its citizens who suffer from Endometriosis. Endometriosis is as prevalent as diabetes in women, yet receives only pennies on the dollar in federally-funded spending on research and public health awareness campaigns.  Women, girls, and transgender individuals with endometriosis can face a lifetime of incapacitating pain, organ failure, repeat surgeries, acute abdomen, infertility, diagnostic delays of up to 10 years or more, increased risk for certain cancers, increased risk for cardiovascular disease, and multiple failed treatments that don’t work or cause severe injury from adverse side effects. There is no cure for endometriosis and no known cause.

Something must change. 
The millions who suffer from this excruciating, chronic disease deserve better. That’s why you’ll see thousands of endometriosis sufferers and supporters marching in the streets all over the world each year on EndoMarch Day (World Endometriosis Day), to get the word out that endometriosis is not just a bad period, but one of the most serious, potentially debilitating diseases women, girls, and transgender individuals can face in their lifetimes.

Still, women shouldn’t have to march in the streets in the first place to receive basic medical care.

Therefore, we need Congress to act.
We need Endometriosis Health Care Reforms now.